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Exclusive panoramic hike- around the Puig Major (1445 m)

We take the minibus to the Tunnel de Monnàber. We start our spectacular hike via the private Finca Son Torrella. A gravel path leads us mainly downhill through a dense mixed forest. Then a secret and rocky secret path takes us to the Coll de

S' Escudella. It continues downhill until we reach the hidden private Finca Turixant. A rocky slope awaits us here with wonderful views of the high valley of Lluc and its imposing mountains. Our subsequent, narrow panoramic path leads us downhill through lush meadows of cutting grass in the direction of the high valley of Lluc. We are rewarded by more breathtaking views of Mallorca's highest mountain, the far north coast and we even see as far as Sa Calobra.


We enjoy our local picnic to the fullest outdoors. Then we follow a wide forest path uphill along the unknown north slope of the Puig Major. This lies above the green valley of the Binis and leads us to the Coll de Bini pass. Beautiful panoramas of the majestic Puig Major and the Orange Valley of Sóller await us here. The last stage takes us downhill on an old logging trail until we finally reach the Tunnel de Monnàber again.

We take the minibus back to Port de Sóller.

Difficult and long mountain hike!

Length: approx 15 km 
Height: 450 m downhill and uphill

  Start: 8:00 a.m

Price per person € 70 / child € 30

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