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This is us!

The friendly mountain professionals from Mallorca Muntanya

Our well-coordinated and athletic team consists of genuine Mallorcans. Salvador from Fornalutx, Andreu Guardiola and
Andreu Borràs from Sóller and the Mallorcans by choice Daniela from Hessen.
What sets us apart is our many years of experience in tourism and of course our two charming mountain guides who are officially certified by the AEGM (Spanish Association of Mountain Guides).

"Hiking with us means that you collect unforgettable memories and a store of experiences for everyday life"

And that's why we're always on the move and carefully and cautiously choose new hikes for you. Diverse experiences in rugged rock formations, paths on high peaks and in Mallorcan valleys.

You benefit from our home advantage and our personal, exclusive rights of way and experience the other Mallorca with us, far away from the tourist trails.

Let us inspire you with untouched Mallorcan landscapes, special encounters and our fascinating culture.

Salvador Suau

Founder, owner and
certified mountain guide
Logo AEGM Bergführer Zertifizierung

Hiking is my passion and who can say that they have an office outside with a view of the mountains and the sea?


Most simply know me as Salva. I am a real Mallorcan, born in Fornalutx and raised in the Sóller valley. This is where my passion for hiking as a mountain guide began in 1995, together with Paco Ponce, who has been conquering the mountains around Sóller with German holidaymakers since the early 1970s. Even then, Paco was considered the famous pioneer who led hiking groups on Mallorca for the first time. He and his wife Dorothea were my competent mentors and great role models. When Paco finally retired in 2004, I founded my own hiking agency Mallorca Muntanya, in which my two predecessors left their knowledge and their footprints. I continue to follow the philosophy of Paco and Dorothea consistently and since then I have continuously stood for my accumulated experience, quality, safety, professionalism and my deep passion for nature.
I speak German, English, French, Spanish and Catalan.

As a certified mountain guide of the AEMG (official Spanish association of mountain guides) and an accomplished specialist in the Tramuntana mountains and the island of Mallorca, I have been carefully guiding guests through our natural surroundings for years. As a local, I have the privilege of walking on paths that we are only allowed to use. So I have the extraordinary opportunity to show my guests the real Mallorca, the Mallorca of the Mallorcans. An insight into the sensitive flora and fauna, the history of the island and the importance of sustainable hikes.

Daniela Bender

Bookings, organization and the sunny heart in the hiking shop

I take the time for the things that make you happy.


I am the sunny organizational talent and the heart of our team. But above all your friendly and competent contact person for all booking inquiries. I will organize what is possible for you so that your hiking holiday becomes an unforgettable experience. As a trained tourism expert and longstanding tour guide, I am very familiar with it and your satisfaction is my daily requirement.
As a native of Hessin, I have been living and working in the beautiful Port de Sóller since 2006 and everyone knows every corner of the island. I speak German, Hessian, English, Spanish, a little French and understand Catalan.


You can reach me personally, online by e-mail, by phone and of course as a contact person on site in our hiking shop at the port in Port de Sóller. I always have one or the other insider tip ready and look forward to hearing from you.

Andreu Guardiola

Certified mountain guide
and summiteer
Logo AEGM Bergführer Zertifizierung

No mountain is too high for me and no way is too far for me as an energetic summiteer.

I was born in Sóller. The place in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains was named after the cultivated citrus fruits and olive trees. I grew up here in the mountains and this is where my roots are. And if I am not out and about in the mountains, then I can be found in the sea.
Since 2012 I have been able to pursue my dream job as a certified mountain guide of the AEMG (official Spanish association of mountain guides). I speak German, English, French, Spanish and Catalan. My hiking guests say about me that I am professional, charming, circumspect, attentive and very responsible. But I also want every guest to feel that they are in good hands with me on the go. The nature and the mountains of Mallorca should leave a lasting impression and make you want more.

Andreu Borràs

  Mountain guide and
alpine adventurer

In the mountains there are these magical moments that give you an attitude to life that fulfills and inspires you

I am Andreu Borras and since my childhood I have been fascinated by the imposing mountains and the breathtaking nature of my home Sóller. I have realized my life dreams of that time and I am allowed to do my work in this wonderful nature. Even in my free time I spend the days in the mountains. I love the cultural-historical hikes in the Serra Tramuntana, as well as competitions in mountain and trail running. But also, outside Mallorca hikes in the Spanish Pyrenees and very special Himalayan trekking’s are my passion. As a mountain guide and a trained geographer, I am happy to pass on all my mountain knowledge. Also in german, english, spanish and of course catalan. The mountains have so many facets for me, and I am looking forward to showing you as a hiking guest, the most beautiful and hidden corners of Mallorca. Vámonos!

Logo - AEGM Zertifizierung für Bergführer

Our unforgettable hiking mascot


We look forward to hearing from you.

You can reach us here:

(+34) 654 986171

Use our contact form!

Visit us in the hiking shop:

Mallorca Muntanya

C/ Marina 7, Local B

07108 Port de Sóller

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As a top mountain guide in Port de Sóller, we have been featured in all major newspapers and on TV for years.

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