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Unbelievable! A "Levada" Hiking in Mallorca - Sa Canaleta de Massanella

We drive by minibus to the remote town of Mancor de la Vall. First, we hike over the private Finca Massanella. A comfortable and wide cart path leads us past gnarled olive trees. Then we hike steeply uphill into the Torrent de Massanella gorge. Imposing rock faces show us the way to the ancient holm oak forest Bosc de Massanella. A steep but rewarding climb (approx. 1.5 km) in the forest brings us to the old Levada. We now hike slightly uphill along the Levada. We reach a slope followed by a deep abyss. Up here we are rewarded with gigantic views of the Mallorcan plain. Peace and wild nature accompany us to the Font de Massanella.


In this idyll we enjoy our local picnic outdoors. Well-fortified, we continue on a pleasantly wide hiking trail over the Coll des Coloms pass. Our hiking trail takes us along a water canal. Here we once again enjoy fantastic views of the Gorg Blau reservoir and the highest mountain massif in Mallorca, the Puig Major.

This unforgettable hike ends at the famous Cúber reservoir.

We take the minibus back to Port de Sóller.


Requirements: No fear of heights and exceptionally good physical condition!

Difficult and long mountain hike!

Length: approx 14 km 
Height: 50 m downhill and 610 m uphill

  Start: 8:30 a.m

Price per person 70 € / child 30 €

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