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The only and incomparable 8000 meter in Mallorca

We take the minibus to the Font des Noguer. This is followed by a first steep ascent on the well-known GR-221 to the Coll des Portellet. From here it goes even steeper uphill until we reach a narrow mountain path. This leads us through fields of cutting grass to the Puig de sa Font. Here we have a fantastic view of the Cúber reservoir. We reach the Puig de sa Torreta via a key point.


This offers us an incredible view of the bay of Palma. We hike uphill and downhill on secret paths through stony and rocky terrain. First we climb the Morro d´Almallutx with its panoramas of the majestic Puig Major. This is followed by the Tossals plateau peak (1118 m). A gigantic panoramic view of the plain and the imposing Massanella mountain awaits us here. It goes down through the holm oak forest until we reach the water channel that leads us back above the Gorg Blau reservoir. The hike ends here with the return trip in the minibus to Port de Sóller.


A good physical condition and surefootedness are essential for this tour.

Difficult hike


Length: about 12 km

Altitude: 700 m uphill and downhill

Start: 8:30 a.m.

Price per person 70 € / child 30 €

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