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The holy mountain Randa has its monasteries in view

A 45 minute minibus ride takes us to the picturesque town of Randa. It starts off steeply uphill through an enchanted forest. We hike on a hidden path that gives us wonderful views of the vast plains. We look at Mallorcan villages up to the Cura monastery complex. A grandiose panorama of the entire island awaits us. Then we hike downhill along a narrow, old pilgrim path. Here, too, we have great views of the countless almond plantations on the south coast of Mallorca. The view extends to the monastery of Sant Honorat. We enjoy our local picnic in the open air. After that it is mainly downhill. We are accompanied by the scent of countless wild orchids. On the narrow, stony panorama path, past old quarries, we enjoy wonderful views of the bay of Palma and on the way back we even see as far as the national park of the island of Cabrera. When we arrive back in Randa, we take a cozy coffee break until we take the minibus back to Port de Sóller.

Moderate hike
Length: approx. 9 km
Altitude: 300 m to 535 m uphill, downhill to 380 m, uphill to 460 m, downhill to 300 m
Start: 9:30 a.m.

Price per person € 60 / child € 30

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